A society which fulfills all fundamental demands and rights of the poor women and children, in which social harmony, peace, justice and ecological balance prevail.
Banchte Shekha will bring about an improved quality for life for the poor women and children in the social and economic sphere. Especially by using awareness techniques to empower the beneficiaries with the skills to survive and assist them to access their legal and democratic rights.
Contribution to uphold the human rights with respect and dignity for her target participants in the working area.

Banchte Shekha is one of theleading national organizations in Bangladesh working since 1976 to improve the socio-economic condition of women and children with long-term objectives. Over the 37 years Banchte Shekha has been recognized as a key player in liberating and empowering the women of Bangladesh are attracting many visitors from organizations around the world, interested in seeing the work and impact of Banchte Shekha’s work.

From the inception of Banchte Shekha, she aims to improve the socio-economic condition of her beneficiaries in the working area especially to establish the women and child rights. She performed for a positive change likely economical, cultural, women empowerment, human rights establishment by facing different types of challenges and risks including prolonged conflict, confrontation, natural disaster, social trend and tendencies, fundamentalism etc. In this connection she set up a target of components including Community Mobilization and Institutional Strengthening for upholding human rights, Income Generating Activities, Health Hygiene and Nutrition, Education, WatSan and Emergency response. In every component, she had a good achievement and success finding better scope of work opportunities in her working area among other success providers. She had a long experience in implementing these components both in rural and urban area including most high-risk slums of Bangladesh.

Established in 1976 it has grown to serve directly more than 10,00,000 women of Khulna and Dhaka division, indirectly more than 50,00,000 people are being benefited by Banchte Shekha’s programmes.

Principles of the organization
  • Avoiding sex, color, caste and creed, the society is completely charitable, beneficial, educational, non-political, non-communal and non-profitable. It would be a non-discriminated society regarding nation, color, creed and sex.
  • Only the almighty shall be the basis of all actions of the organization.
  • The member and the staffs of the organization must abide by some values and cultures that would be developed by the organization and the values and cultures would be added to the human resource policy.


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